College Financial Planning

How do you save for College?

There are many ways to save for a college education. In an economy where college costs continually rise and loans and financing are harder to obtain, it is imperative that you start saving for your child's college education as early as possible.

I can design a plan to help you have a substantial amount if not all of your child's financial needs saved by the time they start school, It takes a sensible plan and the ability, willingness, and discipline to save. Many tools are available to you which include 529 College Savings Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and a variety of investment vehicles.

I have extensive experience in developing a collage savings strategy that will work for you.

Let me help you develop a Collage Savings Plan.

I have extensive experience in Public and Private Accounting along with many years in the Tax and Financial planning fields.
My success has been measured by being my clients most trusted business advisor.
My client friendly personality and personal approach to doing business guarantees you quality service at all times.

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