IRS Representation

Have you been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service? As a professional with over 25 years of experience, my recommendation is not to represent yourself with the IRS. I pride myself on being very successful with the IRS over the years. My experience has made me efficient and affordable when dealing with government agencies.

If the IRS has contacted you it usually means they think you owe them money. Many unrepresented taxpayers make the mistake of automatically paying the IRS right away. This is a costly mistake that I can help you avoid.

My IRS problem resolution experience includes Audit Representation. Payroll Tax Issues, Liens that have been granted against your bank accounts and property, payment plans, Offers in Compromise, Wage Garnishments, IRS Seizures and Bankruptcy.

Let me help you when you have to deal with the IRS.
I have extensive experience in Public and Private Accounting along with many years in the Tax and Financial planning fields.
My success has been measured by being my clients most trusted business advisor.
My client friendly personality and personal approach to doing business guarantees you quality service at all times.

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