Personal Budget and Financing

Planning your day to day finances is something everyone should do. Regardless of your job status, acquiring skills to help you save money is the key to prospering financially. Many people don't budget or plan their finances and assume they can't do or learn how to do it.

The first thing you do in creating a personal budget is estimate your monthly income. Before you organize how much you spend, you need to know how much you make on a monthly basis. You can do this easily in some cases by booking at your pay stub, or if you work for yourself or have your own business, this could take a little longer to figure out. You should also include any other sources of income such as rents or income from investments.

After you have figured out your monthly income, calculating your monthly expenses is the next step. Put together a schedule that includes all your rents, mortgage payments, taxes paid and all the odds and ends you spend money on. Make sure to include all the things you purchase for cash.

Once you put together a detailed list of your expenses it will clearly show where you are frivolously spending money and you will be able to make decisions on where you can cut back on spending. The more you look at where you spend your money the easier it is to control it. The extra money you save from utilizing a strict budget can help you save money and pay down any debts.

I have extensive experience in helping people create personal budgets.
Please allow me to help you develop a budget for you.
I have extensive experience in Public and Private Accounting along with many years in the Tax and Financial planning fields.
My success has been measured by being my clients most trusted business advisor.
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